Remote Medical Units

Remote Medical Units

Medical help where you need it

AP Companies has more than 18 years of experience in creating Remote Medical Units.

We have created and maintained over 47 medical units and up to 15 temporary event-oriented medical units per year during international sporting events, conferences, concerts and other large-scale events. 

Our medical units are located:

On remote construction sites worldwide
on oil rigs
onboard ships
in stadiums and conference halls during large international events

The coordination of medical cases is synchronized through our 24/7 call center, with immediate access to Telemedicine consultations and second opinions.

What we offer:

  • Mobile Emergency Medical Support: Our mobile treatment centers accompany your team wherever they venture, delivering timely and efficient first aid and transportation services.
  • Medical Stations: Utilize our fixed treatment facilities to establish safe environments for first-aid, emergency care, and ongoing medical support, ensuring the well-being of your personnel.
  • Onboard Medical Units: Ensure the safety of the crew on the vessels and oil rigs with our onboard treatment units equipped to provide first aid, emergency care, ongoing medical support and sanitary control.
  • Emergency Plans: Safeguard remote locations with our comprehensive emergency response plans, tailored to address unforeseen medical situations and ensure swift, effective intervention when needed.

All the Above Services Include:

Medical equipment
Medical licensing
Medical staff

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