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AP Companies is a renowned player on the international market of medical assistance, TPA and cost containment. We have been organically growing together with our clients - expanding to new cities, countries, and continents over the past 25 years. We look forward to continuing this growth well into the future.

Keeping in mind ever-changing market environments and geo-political situations as well as patient needs, we have been quickly and successfully adapting to meet those new challenges for and with our clients. AP ensures that each traveler, expat, crew member, and employee has access to high quality medical care whenever and wherever needed. Giving that sense of safety and security to the members will continue to be our core value. This would not be possible to achieve without our highly experienced and dedicated Team on duty 24/7, treating each and every medical case with great care and professionalism. Being a truly global health risk management company with a commitment to innovation and excellence drives us daily in delivering the AP standard of service to remote locations around the world.

With a strategy of delivering global healthcare solutions in mind, we are determined to deliver in the most cost efficient and expedient manner. AP companies will concentrate its efforts on implementing new technologies, streamlining internal and external interaction processes, and digitizing claims solutions in addition to integrating AI and big data analysis into customer services, claims processing, and cost containment. This plan is aimed at facilitating better healthcare accessibility for every member we service, delivering sustainable healthcare solutions for our clients and taking assistance and TPA services in general to an even higher-refined level.

Natalya Butakova CEO AP companies Group

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