18 Jun 2020

AP Companies’ offices reopen after Covid-19 pandemics.

As many countries cautiously make their way toward relaxing Covid-19 lockdowns, many companies, including AP Companies, are starting to envision a time when their employees can stop working from home and return to the office. There is much to consider when deciding when and how to invite employees to return to their offices following the COVID-19 pandemic. Though timing and specifics of reintegration plans will vary based upon geography of our offices and the unique needs of the company in this or that location, AP Companies has developed a holistic approach to this matter.

In the absence of a vaccine, aspects of our workplaces will change and this will involve a mixture of different measures.


We will be beginning with those who have the greatest need to be office based for example our customer service teams, that need to work on the phone the majority of their time and the connection and the outside noise, sometimes impacts our customer’s experience. 

Our network team, sales and billing will continue to work remotely.

We continue to provide full support to our clients, developing and improving our medical network and making the most of everything we do.

We stand by you.

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8 Jun 2020
European Union opens internal EU borders post Covid-19 Pandemic.

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