8 Jun 2020

European Union opens internal EU borders post Covid-19 Pandemic.

As the European Union gradually emerges from Covid-19 lockdowns, the re-opening of borders within the Schengen Area, where free movement generally reigns, is slowly returning to what we can now call close to normal.

The EU will open its internal borders by the end of June and begin lifting restrictions on travel to and from other countries in July.

Ahead of the tourist season, we would like to provide a list of Top 3 Covid free touristic destinations according to Forbes.

These destinations have a higher number of hospital beds per inhabitant. Local authorities have implemented very specific protocols concerning hygiene in accommodations, restaurants and shops, and imposed measures such as the changing of air conditioning filters between each traveller stay, availability of masks and social distancing.

The top 3 Covid free tourist countries are:

  1. Greece
  2. Croatia
  3. Portugal


Before traveling to any of these beautiful places that made it to the list, AP Companies recommends:

  • Remain careful and do not forget social distancing, wearing masks when possible and necessary;
  • Avoid traveling if you have symptoms or your general state of health is poor
  • People over 70, those overweight or who have respiratory problems should be particularly careful, when deciding to travel and choosing the destination and the means of transport
  • It is a common responsibility of each and every traveler to protect life and health of the most fragile people around, including the residents of host countries.

If the tourists have any medical emergency, need to go through any planned medical treatment while on vacation, AP Companies is here to arrange emergency hospitalization, house call visit (the doctor can also come to the hotel). AP Companies can also arrange COVID 19 test in any of the destinations.

Stay safe and enjoy summer!

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