22 Mar 2021

AP Companies information security level is recognized as STRONG

AP Companies once again proves its Information Security level as Strong

AP Companies (Spain) is ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified and therefore takes information security very seriously. We regularly conduct all kind of security checks and pen tests. Our Web application handles large volume of sensitive data and we are determined to make sure this data is safe, so that we are able to fulfill our security policies and make sure our clients: large international insurance companies and cruise lines can continue trusting AP Companies as a Global medical assistance provider.

When conducting security checks we follow several stages procedure to test our web application: reconnaissance, enumeration, vulnerability discovery, exploitation and post exploitation, all these stages are important in order to identify whether there are any risks to our applications and the data stored there, in case such risks are identified they are immediately mitigated by our IT department. 

A part from that, we also perform regular penetration tests, our network infrastructure is security tested using a variety of techniques from a number of vantage points, both external and internal. We test a wide range of connected network devices including servers, storage drives, network appliances, etc. We look at how those components operate and communicate, and more. From this, we determine the security posture of all our assets, as well as our network as a whole. If any vulnerabilities are found, our IT department efficiently improves the required components in order to insure maximum security level.

Recently AP Companies (Spain), has conducted a global annual security check of our systems and one more year, we were able to achieve Strong Information security level.

This time, our web application, internal and external infrastructure was tested by CREST certified, award winning provider of cybersecurity solutions, Lloyd’s Register company, Nettitude.  Our information security level was recognized as STRONG.

We are very happy to provide relevant certificates to our clients upon request.

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