24 Feb 2021

AP network news!

Due to the pandemic and travel restrictions we developed our network in remote places to cover major health issues for the members to be able to have access to proper healthcare. We have signed new agreements with several major European hospital chains, and we can now provide direct billing in more locations. Apart from that, we developed the Covid 19 network for insured members to arrange timely testing, treatment and vaccination. As the tourism business recovers, we must be aware of the new travel conditions. The AP medical and network team have researched, gathered the information and prepared instructions for travellers on PCR testing for crossing the borders, as well as guidance where those tests can be performed, which hospitals could accept foreigners with Covid-19, and which hotels could accommodate them for quarantine under the Guarantee of Payment.

In total, AP´s network grew by 17% compared to last year.

Moreover, to meet our customers' expectations, we managed to secure more discounts (the average discount rate is 18.4%) and improved our cost containment system: now all estimations for inpatient treatment are processed through our automatic CC system.
Based on discount negotiations, active case management and medical expertise we were able to achieve 33% savings on pre-invoices for Q4 2020.

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2 Feb 2021
AP Global TPA entity in Spain is now ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified

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