3 Jun 2024

Why passengers are in good hands with AP Companies

Dr Arthur Diskin explains why passengers are in good hands with AP Companies

The global medical strategy director shares why the firm now offers medical appointments in ports of call for passengers as well as crew members

After almost 15 years providing medical assistance for crew on cruise ships, AP Companies is extending its services to provide medical appointments for passengers in ports of call too. The new service has been developed in response to increasing demand from cruise lines who are welcoming a growing number of passengers aged over 80, who may need rapid access to quality medical care.

“Medical assistance can take many forms,” says Dr Arthur Diskin, global medical strategy director at AP Marine. “Although cruise ships have their own doctors and nurses, sometimes crew and passengers present with health problems that cannot be resolved onboard, so they must access care in ports or at a nearby medical facility. AP Companies has a comprehensive network of medical specialists who can promptly and efficiently provide quality care at reasonable rates. We can accompany the patient until they are discharged to return to the ship, or if necessary, we can repatriate crew and passengers to their own country for more comprehensive medical care.”


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