27 Jul 2016

Direct-Settlement Expansion in Romania

AP Companies announces new developments in direct medical network to expand its presence in Romania and deepen its commitment to help expats and tourists in this region. From a routine health check to emergency medical care, AP direct provider network now gives access to more than 122 medical providers and facilities in Romania.

The network is supported 24/7 by customer service representatives trained to provide direct billing and verify coverage, validity, access medical assistance, repatriation and evacuation services.

" Our team of network specialists works to expand our networks based on market conditions, availability of health care professionals that meet International credentialing standards, ability to negotiate cost-effective health care discounts”- says Kate Zhelnite, Regional Network Manager. «We are specialized in offering real-time cashless access to doctors, hospitals and clinics, helping to alleviate financial concerns at the most challenging times for the patients. Giving access to the highest quality health care to the patients is our top priority always. We offer direct billing of all global carriers, extending arrangements to doctors, facilities and dentists globally. Now we can offer this service in Romania”.

“Although healthcare in Romania is universally free, it may not be up to the standards that expats have come to expect in their home countries.

Private hospitals are the best option for expats looking for world-class healthcare in Romania, while private clinics are a good option for less serious medical conditions. Their staff is well-trained and can usually speak English. We give access to PPO network throughout the country”, - comments Kate Zhelnite, Regional Network Manager of AP Companies.

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