28 Sep 2020

AP COMPANIES WEBINAR: PCR testing around the world

The Pandemic is still around, but the cruise industry has successfully restarted its operations in Europe, introducing strict protocols and these new protocols are the key element for the resumption of the oceangoing cruise lines as well.

AP Companies is happy to support its cruise line clients providing PCR testing in home countries and ports. And this is not the only service we could provide in this new reality:

We invite you to join our webinar on Thursday 1st of October and get more details on:

  1. PCR testing around the world
  2. Current situation with PCR testing in different countries (time frames, infrastructure, challenges).
  3. Different ways to efficiently test the crew and the challenges behind them
  4. Response plans tailored for each ship to manage Covid during the route: private providers for shoreside quarantine, medical facilities, and transportation.

We will be very happy to welcome you on our webinar.

Please follow the link to get registered.



Stay safe,

We stand by you.

AP Companies Team.

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