27 Nov 2017

AP Companies has expanded networks in Romania and Greece.

AP Companies has dramatically expanded it’s medical provider networks in Romania and Greece. Starting January 1, 2018, even more providers and facilities in Romania and Greece will start recognizing AP Companies membership cards. The AP Companies brand name was first introduced to local networks in these areas in January 2016. By the beginning of 2018, AP medical provider network will cover every little corner of these countries giving our members access to cashless medical services.

AP Companies medical provider network in Romania and Greece now consists of the largest collaborator chain, including:

• 489 medical clinics;

• 504 hospitals;

• 72 ambulance partners, with a total of 903 ground and air vehicles.

"Our network is present all over the countries and with our automated cost containment claims processing application tool we thoroughly evaluate, rate and quality assure all our partners in the network to ensure the best possible quality treatment delivery to the end-users at the reasonable and customary rates for our customers» - comments Natalya Butakova, Business Development Manager of AP Companies".

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11 Sep 2017
AP Companies announced a joint venture partnership.

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