8 Apr 2019

AP Companies developed Pharmacies and Optical shops network on a direct billing basis.

AP Companies developed Pharmacies and Optical shops network on a direct billing basis.

AP Companies are in full swing developing a distinctive side of the network accommodating their customers with a unique opportunity to discover and experience advantages of the newly recognised niche in the market.

After much research and analysing the needs of the customers and the insurance tendencies on the global market, it has been acknowledged that there is a strong demand for the development of the network of pharmacies and optical shops to facilitate customer’s needs.

AP Companies has been servicing Major cruise lines, professional maritime insurers, P&I clubs and ship owners for more than 10 years. “During this time, we managed to save up to 45% of medical expenses on evacuation and repatriations, medical cases in ports of call and treatment in the home countries”- comments Helen Glukhman, Global Project Manager of AP Companies.

The main emphasis and the key point of the collaboration within the pharmacies and optical network is that it functions on a direct billing basis.

It has been decided to make it AP Companies’ vision to elaborate and promote this new service, which within the first few months has proved to be undoubtedly justified and has had great success with the customers.

A range of pharmacies and optic shops in various locations were approached with a proposal to collaborate to deliver the services on a direct billing basis.

As a result, AP Companies has effectively managed to greatly increase their network by including this new feature.

The total count for pharmacies has reached 3774 mark and the 1988 for the optical shops.

Locations, where this service is currently available, include the following countries:

Pharmacies: Norway, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, France, Portugal, Ireland, Azerbaijan, Russia and Ukraine.

Optical shops: France, Portugal, Czechia, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Sweden, Armenia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Norway, Russia and Ukraine.

AP Companies are proud to announce the availability of this newly formed division of their network and are assuring their customers that it will be developed globally and strengthened further.

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