Medical services
for seafarers

AP Companies provides the full range of services for crew members and members of their families.

We maintain a wide network of medical providers in the ports of call around the globe, where we can arrange emergency and planned medical care for crew members including evacuation from the vessel, admission to the hospital and active case management on the ground.

Our experienced team of medical doctors can escort patient back home once he/she is fit for travel by commercial flight or on-air ambulance. Carefully selected medical providers help us to maintain 100% reliable pre-employment and re-employment medical examination testing for the seafarers before they are ready to join the vessel to minimize or even eliminate a risk of emergency medical disembarkation while on duty.

While the family member is away at sea, we take care of the seafarer’s family and provide any type of planned and emergency medical care, so that the seafarer can concentrate on work duties knowing that the family is well taken care of. Should the seafarer be signed off from the vessel for medical reason, AP Companies experienced medical coordinators would manage the case with the highest attention to details and care and make sure that the seafarer is treated in the shortest possible time and able to resume his/her duties onboard in full capacity as soon as possible.


  • Maritime Medical Case Management
  • Maritime Medical Cost Containment
  • Maritime Medical Check-ups (PEME, REME)
  • Maritime Medical Evacuations/repatriations
  • Maritime Home country case management
  • Maritime Ports of call cases management
  • Maritime Medical cashless services for crew members and their families
  • Maritime medical/non-medical escorts
  • Maritime second medical opinion
  • Maritime network of medical providers
  • P&I medical case management

Health check-ups

AP Companies is specialized in arranging medical health check-ups for professional workers, annual checks for executives, pre-employment and re-employment examination.

  • We possess a medical provider network of over 6000 selected hospitals/clinics across Eastern Europe, Balkan states, Russia, former CIS countries, which specialize on carrying out check-ups.
  • Each one of the carefully selected providers is personally visited, surveyed by AP Companies network representatives once in every 2 years.
  • High-Quality checkups are very much appreciated by AP Companies Clients as they help to minimize the risks for the employee, as well as for the employer, when sending a person on a long term assignment abroad, or hiring for the professional services.

The requirement for the checkup providers from AP Companies side is set very high: from the satisfaction of the basic requirement from local regulations to ensuring the continuity of test samples, understanding the nature of work of the patient by the doctor, etc.


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Each of our Clients has a direct access to our on-line provider database – the Portal. The Portal it's our own database of providers all over the world, developed in a way to give you and your insured access mode on-line to the full list of providers, in the regions where AP Companies provide services.
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